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Just like you wouldn't want to pay Picasso to paint your fence or pay Einstein to teach your children basic addition, most people don't want to overpay overqualified plumbers, electricians, engineers and repairmen to do things where all it takes is someone reliable with a pair of able hands, experience and tools for the job.

You don't need a certified electrician to replace a lightbulb;

You don't need a certified plubmer to fix the lever in your toilet;

You don't need a licensed builder to bolt a shelf to the wall;

You don't need a microcircuit engineer to solder the wire on your stereo.

There are thousands of tasks that need to be done in our homes. Some of them we do ourselves. For some we hire a certified and licensed professional. But in between, there are still many tasks that require little more than a right man with the right tools. Someone who does not charge too much to compensate for the years he spent acquiring the skills to become a certified professional. This man can be your friend or your neighbor. Or this can be your friend's friend.

There are thousands of men around the world who would be happy to come and help us with our minor repairs for a fraction of what licensed plumbers, electricians, builders, engineers and other professionals would charge.

Some of them have websites. Some of them advertise on Craigslist. Some of them can be found through Google.

However, most of them had a poor Internet presence, until now.

GreatestHandyman.Com is where handymen from around the world can post information about themselves and the jobs they will help you with. GreatestHandyman.Com is where people around the world can find a handyman who'd come and help them with their everyday problems.

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